Gorilla – Professional care for all types of vehicle

Are you in a fret about your always dirty car? Gorilla_image1

Solution: Gorilla wet wipes – Premium product

  • Gorilla wet wipe is a professional choice for your car care.
  • It helps to keep the original condition of the car.
  • By choosing the appropriate product you can clean your car inside and outside in one step.
  • Simple and fast, provides prompt result, do not need additional wiping.
Practicle and space-saving packaging format, comfortably fits to any glove box or in the side-door.

How does it differ from other products on the market?

  • unique shape, easy-to-close dispenser top
  • elegant design
  • especial, enduring wipe material
  • delicate fragrances
  • you can clean even 200% bigger surface with a single sheet compared with other brands
  • carefully selected active substances
  • cleans in 1 step