Frequently asked questions

We are sure you have several questions about the usage of Gorilla car care wipes.

We hope many of these questions can be answered now. If you remain questions or you need an advice, feel free to contact us. Our well trained staff will assist you.

Yes. Gorilla Leather Wipes were specifically developed to protect, clean and shine rubber surfaces, too. Regular use of Gorilla Leather Wipes is a simple way to protect rubber surfaces from cracking, UV damage, fading or discoloration.
Gorilla Leather Wipes are perfect for all kinds of treated leather. This specially developed leather care product helps to keep the original condition of leather objects in the car or at home. However, the products can not be used on velour, suede or drape surfaces and indoor or road bike seat cleaning. If you have any doubt about the surface, it is always a wise decision to test on a small area first.
The shelf life of Gorilla car care wipes is 24 months.
Yes, Gorilla car care wipes can perfectly clean the rim from the dirt, including strong dirt coming from the brake pad.
It is not necessary to wear plastic gloves when using Gorilla Wipes.
Due to the special wipe material you can clean even 200% bigger surface with a single sheet compared with other brands.
The first wipe has to be pulled out from the middle of the roll and crossed through the hole of the cap.