Gorilla Leather Wipes

Antistatic Formula

Delicate leather requires special treatment to keep its original condition. With Gorilla Leather Wipes you can easily remove the dust and dirt soaked into leather and plastic surfaces in your car.

The special wipe material traps the dirt, thus cleanses, softens and noureshes it. It makes leather parts of your car bright, prolonging their life.

The treated surface gets a long-term protection, cleans streak-free and leaves shine behind.

Practicle and space-saving packaging format, comfortably fits to any glove box or in the side-door.

  • Cleaning and protection in one step
  • Comfortable usage
  • Quick drying
  • Efficient cleansing formula
  • Fresh scent

Suitable: for leather seats, dashboard, drapes and any other leather and plastic surfaces inside vehicles and any part of the household.

Ammonia, phosphate and formaldehyde free.

Instructions for use:

  • Remove the cap of the canister
  • Remove the protective barrier layer
  • Cross a wipe from the middle of the roll through the hole of the cap
  • Wipe the surface and let it dry
  • In case you need, repeat the action